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Well, as usual, it's been ages since I posted. But I thought I'd update that I am now a marked woman! :)
The ceremony was Jan 15th and my parents, Sam, Jeffrey, Michelle, Tallulah and Yvonne all came over for it. :) Was a fun day.
After, Jason and I honeymooned in Tonga at Fafa Island Resort. :)

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I just punched out a looooong update on here just to have the thing crash on me. It just makes me sick. I may update later, but I'm done for now. Shitty ap.

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Was sweet as bru...
Seriosly, one of those weekends that reminds me of why I live here :)
for those unfamiliar (which would have included me a week ago) the sevens is a rugby tournament which includes teams from all kf these different nations and they just play rugby for two days until one country emerges triumphantly (forgive my portable device with weak spell check) and it's held in Wellington and people from all over NZ come each year and dress in costume and basically get drunk for two days..they close off the streets and there are live bands all over and huge video displays of the game set up in the streets. It was fun... I was a little molested by a guy dressed as a gigantic scrabble tile. :) Fiji won over all...America didn't do so hot but we never do...they played France, which I found a bit funny...and we won.:)

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Well, the job out in Masterton was a bust.
In the end, they made me redundant, since the work all but dried up.
But, it wasn't a bad thing, since I wasn't really enjoying the job. It was really unorganized...no one that worked there new anything about providing files (except for the designers, of course, but we weren't the ones who communicated with the clients), and they undercharged for everything, but since the files were never the right resolution, or the copy had to be spell checked and typed, (even getting the final dimensions for the product was like pulling teeth!) the designers were the ones that ran around doing all the admin work and then were left with barely any time to design! And then of course, in the end, the designers were blamed for the project going over-budget.
In all honesty, and I don't think I have really said this out loud, but it was a bit of a nightmare. Oh and since the work dried up, for the last two weeks, I was working on the internal website...THAT was so frustrating...in the end, after they told me what they wanted and I built it (like...CODED it), they changed their mind over and over again...and always in such a half-assed way...like it didn't matter that I would have to recode the website for them. I mean, I know why - it's because they didn't understand webdesign.
Anyway, so yeah...was glad it was over.
And then there was the commute. Not for me, but for Jason. Poor guy was driving 1 hour 20 minutes twice a day - over this mountain range and this road that is NOT very safe. So, he was leaving at 5:30am and coming home at 8pm...we barely got any time together and he was always so tired. Plus, pretty as Greytown was (where we lived), it is a very small town...and Masterton (where I worked) is a small town...too many small towns.
So, when I lost the job, we decided to move into Wellington. Now, we're living on Mount Victoria, just around the corner from Courtnay Place (the main hot spot for the bars in wellington) and I am not employed yet...but I have an interview on Wednesday, so fingers crossed that it goes well! It's an interview over coffee...gotta love that!
Oh and I applied to extend my visa based on my de facto relationship with Jason. They say it will be processed in 45 days, and I'm guessing that means 45 working days, which, if they stick to that timeline, will mean I'll know one way or the other about my visa 1 week before my current one expires. That sucks...big time...I'm going to be a nervous wreck.
As of June 1st, I will have permanent employment. :D
This company called Spring Graphics that I interviewed with ages ago just called me out of the blue one day and asked me if I'm still looking for permanent work, because they need a web/print designer.
It's in Masterton, which is about an hour and a half from where Jason lives/works! So, we're going to get a place in between, but closer to my job than his (this was his idea - because there happens to be a mountain range between the two cities and he doesn't want me driving over the mountains...and I agree!).
I was just about to interview for a job in Queenstown! LOL...that's at the BOTTOM of the SOUTH ISLAND! Man....this is so much better. I can't believe Jason and I are going to live together. :) I found a bunch of places to rent and he's going to check them out tomorrow (I wish I could go with him, but I'm a 7 hour drive away still).
I'm finishing up here, at Environment BOP in Whakatane on May 27th. Jason's going to drive up and we'll spend the weekend getting my stuff back to Wellington. :)
I do have a party to go to here on that weekend...am hoping no one gets emotional at that.

I have a certain opinion of all the people I've met. I tend to think that I will see people again if both of us try to see eachother again (whether it's once every couple of years, or once every few months)...and if we don't try, then, aside from cool accidental meetings that lead to a coffee and a catch-up, neither party will be better or worse for never bumping into the other again.

I hope that doesn't sound too icy...I don't mean it in a bad way at all. I'm grateful for the people whom I've spent time with, because if either one of us has any memories of the other (bad, good, scary...sad...it doesn't matter), then we've touched eachother's lives, and that's an amaing thing in itself. If we meet again, cool. :)

I guess the best analogy is to imagine a gigantic river that we all travel upon. Some of us catch the current, some of us just drift...and some of us get caught in the sticky weeds on the sides... (am I taking this too far?)
If we happen to catch the same current, then good, but we are likely not going to bump into eachother again on it, unless one of us is paddling toward the other.

Okay, moving on from that....got a bit hung up.

I have to get a copy of my college diploma to give to immigration here. Bleh...I hate dealing with immigration...and I'm about to begin the long, painful application process.
My family has taken over my facebook world.

I thought it was a good idea at first...helped mom set up an account...she helped dad...it all helped me keep in touch while I'm in New Zealand.

Then my mom got her sisters and brothers to join...and dad got a couple of his cousins and friends...and before I knew it, they were getting into the same political and religious arguments that they usually get into via email. Usually, when they argue with their relatives, they tack me onto the emails because they want me to be "involved", which is fine because I can delete the emails...but it's a bit more in my face with facebook (ha...hence the name). And incidentally, by "they" I don't mean my mom...at all...infact, I love that mom's on Facebook. I love that dad is on facebook...when he isn't stirring the pot!
But that's how dad is...and to love him, you have to love that he is, shall we say, feisty.

Oh well...I guess it does bring me back to LiveJournal, which is a good thing. I've been neglectful. I do enjoy having an internet connection at home again. The last time I had internet access where I lived was in those brief couple of months I stayed with my parents before I left the states - September '08. Before that, I didn't have cable or internet at my apartment. I think it was good for me...found I had a lot more freetime. (she says as she has four windows open and Skype running...oh, and the tv on in the background!)

Random rambles...

So I finished most of the coding for the website I'm working on today. :) Once this is all finished up, I'm supposed to do a complete rehaul of this bee mascot they have. Pretty cool, though because they are definitely going to keep me on until June. I do desperately need to find permanent employment so that I can apply for residency...but having a contract job is better than having nothing (especially in today's economy).

I got a haircut today.


new haircut

Ick....not wearing a bit of makeup...was sick yesterday, so I didn't even bother with it today...but the hair cut made me feel purty. :D
Alright...off to bed.
I am now working in Whakatane!

AND it's a contract job which ends in mid March, so Caroline, if you read this, I'll be free as a bird as soon as you get here and we can have fun travelling around together! :)

Not much else to report on here...I'm pretty smitten with Jason, though I hate to admit it...lol...he just doesn't give me much to be unhappy about. :)

Mom is feeling better, but they think her kidneys aren't going to improve, so they may put her on dialasis...I actually just found that out about ten minutes ago in an email...and it's too late to call there and get the details...and of course, I'm in a backpackers with no one around me who knows me...so yeah...I'm not sure what to do tonight...I just want to talk to mom.

I wonder if I should go back...to the states, I mean. I don't know. I need to talk to mom.

They are putting her on daily Chemo to see if that improves her kidneys, but the doctor thinks it won't and that she will go on dialasis.

I'm worried. I'm really worried and scared and I can't tell anyone how scared I am, so I'm telling a computer...and I'm crying on a keyboard.

mom's not supposed to be sick...she's not old and frail...she's not a grandmother, she's a mom...she's the most amazing person I've ever known...even if she weren't my mom, I suspect I would feel that way.

sorry...this is heavy stuff...
So here I am, staying in New Zealand with Jason...and his mom.
I love Jason...I love being with him and we spend the weekends just inside, cuddling and playing and it's wonderful.
I'm looking for a job...and not just any job, but a job in my field. I've been here two weeks and I already have a possible job lined up ( a recruitment agency is putting me forward for one) but Jason's mom...she's pressuring me.
What is she pressuring me to do?
Take a job doing anything, just to stay here with Jason in Wellington.
And the truth is...I told her this...that I would sooner move to Auckland to take a design job there OR move back to the states where I KNOW I can get a design job before I take some job as a freaking secretary.
Nothing against administrative jobs. I've done them and they difficult and I respect people who do them for that reason.
BUT I worked damn hard in college and I worked damn hard at my job as an interactive designer for the last two years - TOO damn hard to take a job in ANYTHING else after being in another country for just two weeks. I'm sorry, because I love Jason and he makes me happy, but at the end of the day, if he loves me, that should be the most important thing to him. And it is...Jason keeps telling me I'm doing good and it's going to take time and he doesn't want me to take a job in anything else...
it's just his mother.
BUT I'm dependent on her because I'm staying with her...but that doesn't mean I owe her a compromise of myself and my carreer. The truth is, I have other choices and one of them is a plane ticket back to the states that departs January 29th...if it comes to that.
Hey...so....yeah, I almost forgot about livejournal....which is bad because it used to be one of my favorite sites.
Well, things are going good...I love my job and I really work with a great bunch of people and have a really great boss and I love the work I do.
But, I'm still moving to New Zealand in October. :)
I can't wait! I'm scared in a way because...well, I don't have a job there yet...but, I do have some prospects..still, though, I can't get a work visa without an offer of employment.
But it's cool...it'll all work out. And if it doesn't and my visa expires, my boss says he will always hire me back. :) I'm leaving on good terms, which is great.
And then there's Jason... :)
I can't wait to be with Jason...it's less than three months away now and I'm on cloud nine! lol...and he's all cute and making plans for when I get there.
Oh, but before I go to New Zealand, I'm making a little detour to Thailand! :)
The international flights are all booked, now I just need to do the domestic ones. (houston to LA, Auckland to Wellington, ect)

Oh and Karen got married last weekend! :) I was her maid of honor...there are pictures up at myspace:

So yeah...lots going on!

And I moved back in with mom and dad when my lease ran out last month. Since I'm leaving in about two months, I figured I might as well.

Oh, and on the way home, I got to sit in traffic for an hour because of this chaos.
they did it in Action Script 3, of course...which I haven't touched yet. :P AND it involved a lot of icky math

anyway, so on a similar note, getting my webiste up this weekend, hopefully.

and not much else to report, really...everything is grand in the land of elaine. :)